Update on Caring for Your Pets During Stage 2 of Governor Holcomb’s Plan

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To our Valued Family and Friends of Fishers Veterinary Associates,

We remain grateful for the opportunity to serve you during this extraordinary time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our team continues to provide exceptional care for your pets while preventing the spread of COVID19. Here are the details about the steps we are taking to protect your health, and that of our team, as Indiana embarks on Stage 2 of the 5 Stage Plan from Governor Holcomb.

We will continue:

  • to provide curbside service. As the state slowly reopens, social distancing is key to preventing a second wave of COVID‐19. As you know, social distancing remains a challenge within our exam rooms. Please know that our team is treating your pets with the same compassion and care despite you not being near our team. Here is how our curbside service works.
    • Please call to schedule an appointment. All visits, for sick, well, and surgical patients are now permitted. When you arrive please call the respective location to inform our team you have arrived.
    • A staff member will phone you to discuss the pertinent details of your pets visit and then ask you to precede to the front door. All leashes, collars, and harnesses will be removed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19.
    • During scheduled outpatient visits, the veterinarian will examine your pet and then call to speak with you. He or she will discuss findings and acquire authorization for a treatment plan if needed. Patients scheduled for drop‐off appointments and surgeries will be admitted for the day and our staff will phone you in the afternoon regarding care and discussion of a treatment plan or post‐operative instructions.
    • Our client service representatives will phone next to obtain payment for services and coordinate departure.
    • Curbside service is also available for prescription and food pick up. We ask that you call in advance to reduce your wait. Once you arrive, just call and we will bring out your items.
  • to monitor all current guidance and guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and our local, state, and public health officials. This includes frequently disinfecting our hospital and following personal hygiene best practices.
  • to use personal protective equipment (PPE) responsibly and follow the guidelines.
  • to operate 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 12 noon on Saturdays. The office will be closed from 12:30‐2pm for lunch, disinfection, and other daily tasks. We will keep you informed when schedule changes occur.

We will also be offering:

  • grooming at our Carmel location starting on May 11th. This is by appointment only. Please note that the Plan has detailed instructions for groomers, which we will follow. One requirement is to remove the leash and collar from your pet upon their entry. Our staff will remove these items and hand them to you, once in the safety of our Carmel Vet Clinic.
  • service at our Brookschool Road location! The finishing touches to our remodel are being completed and we are scheduled to begin curbside service on May 11th.
  • boarding at our Fishers Hospital. We will let you know the date as soon as we balance our staffing needs for animal care and the rigors of disinfection throughout the hospital.
  • nail trims and other technical services. Scheduled times will be limited over the next few weeks, however a list of options will be provided shortly.

We wish to keep you updated as we all move forward together. We have instituted the protocols above to keep our clients and our team safe while providing care to your precious pets. We understand these changes have not been easy for anyone involved!

Thank you for entrusting our staff during these evolving times.


Fishers Veterinary Hospital 317‐842‐5865
Carmel Vet Clinic 317‐846‐5707
Brookschool Road Vet Clinic 317‐585‐4730