The professional and caring staff at Carmel Veterinary Clinic are the reason we have so many happy clients. Are you interested in joining our wonderful team? Fill out the form below and be sure to attach your resume and cover letter. We are currently accepting applicants for the following positions:

  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinary Receptionist
  • Externships

Veterinary Student Externship with Fishers Veterinary Associates

  • Three AAHA Accredited Practices: Carmel Veterinary Clinic has been an accredited member since 1988.
  • Work alongside several Registered Veterinary Technicians with 5 to 25 years of experience.
  • Experience Clinic Hours: Annual Exams, Sick Patients, Urgent/ Emergent Care
  • Surgical experience: We work with local rescues and our staff to provide our externs with surgical experience; spays, neuters, wound repairs, and lump removals. You may be able to assist with a splenectomy, gastropexy, abdominal exploratory, cystotomy, enucleation, and other soft tissue surgery based on our caseload. Orthopedic procedures are performed less frequently.
  • Exposure to full-service dentistry: Learn how to perform oral radiographs, evaluate dental radiographs, perform an oral exam, administer local blocks for extractions, and perform some dental extractions.
  • Practice technical skills: Venipuncture, IV catheter placement, cystocentesis, urinary catheterizations, intubation, and anesthetic induction
  • Perform Orthopedic Exams and interpretation of radiographs
  • Evaluation of lab work and other diagnostics
  • Use of pain medication, premedication, anesthetic drugs, and all classes of drugs.
  • Managing Hospitalized patients and treatment plans with the help of our after-hours care staff.
  • Exposure to ultrasonography
  • Exposure to acupuncture and herbal therapy
  • Refine physical exam skills: Being thorough, consistent, and efficient
  • Refine communication with clients: Discussing PE findings, differentials, and recommendations. How to handle difficult conversations.
  • Exposure to Vet Management
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